A legal workflow management platform
Our flagship service and your new best friend. Proxy is a legal team Swiss Army knife: track your to-do list at a glance, organize and manage documents, delegate tasks, assign priorities, and streamline your workflows. You shouldn’t have to change how you work for a new project management system. That’s why we made Proxy. It already works the way you do.

What Proxy’s Bringing To The Table

  • Delegate


    Easily assign and delegate tasks, monitor their status, and ping users for progress updates.

  • Organize


    Effortlessly manage projects, workloads, and discrete tasks using email, drag-and-drop, or in-app tools.

  • Report


    Use built-in analytics and reporting tools to detail status, progress, workloads, and costs.

  • Prioritize


    Rank open tasks by individual priority and view or filter tasks by urgency or importance.

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Onboarding and Legal Ops Services

Let us help you get the most out of Proxy.

Proxy has the ability to make running your department a little easier and a lot more transparent. But first; get to know it!
Our on-boarding resources will help you get up and running, tailor Proxy to your needs, and quickly have you feeling the power of the workflow know.